Meet Tufted Wall Deco - Beige
Meet Tufted Wall Deco - Beige Meet Tufted Wall Deco - Beige Meet Tufted Wall Deco - Beige

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Combining organic shapes and abstract art, this limited hand-tufted art rug expresses a contemporary take on the classic still-life. The rug is made to form an artful statement on a wall or lying on the floor with its stacked compositions of different elements. Forming different engaging levels in the rug, it features high and low piles of the tufting, accentuating the tactility of the rug. Collect the series or hang the rug by itself and let the vibrant colourways and distinctive moods form a detailed and unique art piece in your home. Each rug comes in an edition of 200 copies.

Item No. 100103203
Size: W: 70cm L: 110cm
Material: Front: 100% tufted New Zealand Wool Back: 100% cotton
Care: Vacuum cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning if needed.
Info: Limited edition of 200pc of each
Different pile height to accentuate artwork.
Hand tufted. Includes wall mounting solution